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Using a cloud video monitoring service gives you the ability to watch your property while you are at a different location on your computer or mobile device. For example, if you were at work and wanted to keep an eye on your home, or if you owned a business and wanted to monitor it from home or on vacation, you could do this with a cloud video monitoring service. more
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Ivideon is the first global cloud service for video surveillance over the Internet. It was created by a Russian development team with a combination of security and IT-technologies. Their managers and developers have worked together to create unique solutions. This has given us opportunities to incorporate high-tech security technologies and Internet services. Quick access to live video feeds and video archive, sound recording, motion detection, all the features you would expect from an expensive professional video surveillance system — you name it, it’s there. With Ivideon you will be able to build your own video surveillance system in less than 10 minutes — and see what... more
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